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Piano Technicians

We highly recommend our piano technicians who has been instrumental at taking care of our fine pianos 

Nick Palacio (714) 600-0854 (English, Spanish) 
David Fang (949) 351-8011 (Chinese, English)


We recommend Pro Metronome App (iPhone, iPad)

Where to rent/purchase string instruments

There are multiple places to rent/purchase string instruments, it's best to check with your violin/viola/cello teachers prior. 

For renting: We recommend Morey's Music Store; and if driving distance is an issue, there is a local store called Irvine Arts & Music

For purchasing: We recommend Morey's Music Store or Rober Cauer Violins (Most of the time our teacher will be able to bring a few selections for the students to try out.)

Where to purchase music scores

Piano Scores: 

Amazon: The easiest way to purchase music online, if they carry the correct edition

SheetMusicPlus: They have a wide selections of editions if you can't find them on Amazon

Violin/Viola/Cello Scores: Free shipping, no minimum. One of the biggest and most reputable string stores. 

J.W. Pepper Sheet Music: They have a good selection of sheet music as well

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