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Our students are very privileged to have worked with these world class artists and professors at Opus119

Menahem Pressler - Beaux Arts Trio; Indiana University

William Grant Nabore - Lake Como International Piano Academy (Italy)
Stanislav Ioudenitch - Cliburn International Competition Gold Medalist

Hung-Kuan Chen - The Juilliard School

Alesander Treger - former Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Dmitry Rachmanov - Cal State Northridge

Gila Goldstein - New York University & Boston University

Boris Berman - Yale University

Robert Shannon - Oberlin Conservatory

Haewon Sung - Oberlin Conservatory

Meng-Chieh Liu - Curtis Institute 

Ching-Yun Hu - Temple University

Sergey Schepkin - New England Conservatory of Music

Angela Cheng - Oberlin Conservatory

Ann Schein - Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University

Max Levinson - New England Conservatory of Music

Fei Lan Li - Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing)

Ning An - Cal State Fullterton

Alpin Hong - Winner of Concert Artists Guild (NY)

Kevin Fitz-Gerald - Thornton school of Music, USC

Bernadine Blaha - Thornton school of Music, USC

Dennis Thurmond - Thornton school of Music, USC

Li-Shan Hung - Biola University

Manami Kawamura - Biola University

Thomas Rosenkranz - Bowling Green University

Gloria Chien - Lee University, New York Chamber Society

Elena Rossman - Founder and Director of AADGT 

Mark Richman - International Institute for Young Musicians

Nina Scolnick - University of California Irvine 

Mark Sullivan - General Chairman of the Southern California Junior Bach Festival

Daniela Mineva - Humboldt State University

Grace Fong - Chapman University

Mei Ching Huang - The Philadelphia Orchestra

Joan Kwuon - The Cleveland Institute of Music

Andrew Park - Azusa Pacific University

Our students also had masterclass with

Russell Sherman - New England Conservatory

Wha Kyung Byun - New England Conservatory

Mary Ann Cummins - The Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI)

Dmitri Bashkirov - Lake Como International Piano Academy

Alvin Chow - Oberlin Conservatory

Peter Takács - Oberlin Conservatory

Matti Raekallio - Juilliard School

Julian Martin - Juilliard School

Jerome Lowenthal - Juilliard School

Dan Zhao-Yi - SiChuan Conservatory

Dag Achatz - International Piano Competition Jury

Elizabeth Pridonoff - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

John O'Conor - United Kingdom

John Perry - USC / Colburn

Christopher Elton - Royal Academy of Music (London)

Baruch Meir - ASU Herberger Institute School of Music

Tian Ying - Florida University

Franz Mo - Shanghai Conservatory

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