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Grand Orchestra
Dr. Kanae Komugi
B.M., North Carolina School of the Arts
M.M., University of Miami
D.M.A, University of Oregon

Originally from Japan, Dr. Komugi has spent her life in various parts of U.S., but claimed California to be her final destination. She has performed in various chamber and orchestral groups such as Oregon Festival of American Music, Eugene Symphony, and Oregon Mozart Players to name a few. As a pedagogue, she has enjoyed teaching young talented musicians at Oregon State University, Yamano Music School and Wadamachi Music Institute prior to her appointment at Opus119. Dr. Komugi is a part of the management team at Opus119, and she’s also a core member of the Office of Advancement for the Opus119 College-Conservatory of Music (OCCM). 

Dr. Komugi believes understanding how each student’s thought process works is the key to accelerate any learning; three tenets that she believes and follows are patience, flexibility, and originality. Dr. Komugi always welcomes questions, music or non-music related because nurturing curiosity is what perpetuates learning.  

When Dr. Komugi not teaching, she enjoys knitting, drinking fermented beverages, and buying pairs of shoes. She also dreams about becoming a purple-haired crazy old lady with 100 cats when she grows up. 

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