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Dr. Wei-San Yue
M.M., Birmingham Conservatoire
D.M.A., University of Kansas

Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree, Dr. Wei-San Yue continued her musical training in Birmingham Conservatoire in United Kingdom where she graduated with honors for the master’s degree program and received British Intercollegiate Beethoven Prize. After spending 2 years teaching piano in her home country, Malaysia, Dr. Yue relocated to the United States to pursue the doctorate degree at the University of Kansas under the tutelage of the renowned pianist, Sequeira Costa. 

With over 16 years of teaching experience, she joined Opus119 in 2007. As a teacher, Dr. Yue is patient, encouraging and creative. She is committed to high quality of teaching and bringing out the best of each student. She feels that her mission as a piano teacher is to spark enthusiasm for learning and provide a strong foundation for lifelong music appreciation. She has had many talented students who have been awarded top prizes in numerous piano competitions such as MTAC festivals, Satori Certificate of Musicianship, SYMF, Southern California Junior Bach Festival, American Protege, and American Fine Arts Festival, and many of her students have performed in Carnegie Hall. 

Since joining Opus119 in 2007, Dr. Yue has had two daughters, who are turning 7 and 4 at the end of 2017. Her older daughter is currently taking piano lessons at Opus119, and she looks forward and gets jittery all at the same time about her daughter’s recital just like any other student parents. 

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” — Mark van Doren

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