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Performance Diploma Program: Completion of 28 semester credits required. 


Music theory, music history, and solfège courses are classroom courses. These courses will be taught in a classroom in a conventional lecture-discussion format. OCCM proposes for all courses to be taught with no more than 15 students per classroom to develop mentorship rather than conventional teacher-student relationship.


Courses required: 

  • Music Theory I-II (2 semesters, 4 credits total)

  • Solfège I-II (2 semesters, 4 credits total)


Any ensemble course, repertoire course, or instrumental literature courses are considered performance courses. These courses are performance oriented thus require more student preparation outside or their class time. All repertoire and instrumental literature courses require non-performance preparation and class study in addition to the performance preparation. Please see detailed course description for more information. 


Courses required: 

  • Ensemble or Chamber Music: Completion of 2 semesters required (4 credits total)

  • Collaborative Piano or Orchestra Repertoire: Completion of 2 semesters required (2 credits total)

  • Instrumental Literature Baroque/Classical, Romantic/Early 20th century, and/or Piano Seminar: Completion of 2 out of 3 courses required (no duplicate enrollment allowed, 6 credits total)


Applied instrumental studies, or individual lessons, will be scheduled weekly with their primary instructor of the instrument. Students will have a one hour lesson every week in a faculty’s studio, with no examination at the end of the semester. Students are evaluated on a weekly basis on their musical development. 

Courses required: 

  • Applied Studies: To be registered for every semester while in the program (4 credits per semester)

  • Degree recital: To be completed during the last semester before the completion (1 credit)