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Nova Zhu
B.M., JiMei University
M.M., Mississippi College

Ms. Nova had her first solo recital when she was sixteen years old, and continued on her passion of music study at JiMei University in XiaMen, China, studying under the professor and the chairman of the department, Hongying Shao. During her studies, she performed at various international events as a soloist, chamber musician, and collaborative pianist. Upon the completion of study with the bachelor’s degree, she relocated to the United States to study under the guidance of Dr. Willoughby at Mississippi College. 

In teaching piano, Ms. Nova believes believes that it creates a path for students to understand and appreciate music of all genres. Her goal is to guide students to think, analyze, evaluate, and express while practicing on their own at home, eliminating typical ‘boring’ practicing routine. By learning music repertoire intellectually and emotionally, one will realize that the process is more of communication between the student and composer’s intent rather than following music note after note. She wishes students to learn and discover music of varying periods, composers, and genre to expand their horizons, and be proud of their accomplishments in doing so. Her favorite quote is from Plato: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” 

Ms. Nova is a recipient of CIFIT Award and Concerto Honors Award, and as a member of Music Teachers’ Association of California, she guides students at Opus119 through MTAC’s Certificate of Merit and various festival competition with excellent results. 

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