Mizuki Noda
M.A., Columbia University

Ms. Mizuki Noda grew up in a musical family and have lived in New York, Sydney, and Tokyo. She has studied with notable violinists such as Peter Zhang from the Sydney Conservatory; Kunikazu Murakami from the NHK Symphony Orchestra; Peter Winograd from the American String Quartet; Alexander Meshibovsky from Columbia University and Susan Frank from Zurich University of the Arts, Carmina Quartet. 

Ms. Mizuki’s teaching philosophy is that through music, children can learn to genuinely appreciate culture and understand themselves. Her lessons are enthusiastic and motivating; if you hear sounds of violin with lots of laughter, that’s her lessons! She sure practices what she preaches since her personal motto is, “Pleasure in the job puts Perfection in the work". - Aristotele

Ms. Mizuki moved to California 4 years ago. She has fallen in love with the west coast but will not budge on the following; “NY still has the best bagels, Sydney has the best oysters and Ramen noodles in Tokyo are amazing!”

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