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Lanzo Luconi
B.M., National University of Costa Rica
M.M., Carnegie Mellon University

Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Lanzo Luconi has been the recipient of multiple scholarships, competition prizes, and festival awards around the world. He has performed in prestigious concert halls of Costa Rica, Europe, and the United States, where he made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2008 and was honored with the International Outstanding Professional Artistic Performance Award. He has been invited to perform in many notable events including the Scarlatti World Marathon, the Kosciuszko Foundation Winner’s Recital, and the 6th Musical Composition Seminar, where he performed music by Costa Rican composers. Other engagements include performances at MusicFest Perugia in Italy and with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

Lanzo belongs to one of the earliest generations of concert pianists from the Instituto Superior de Artes, the premier pre-college arts academy of Costa Rica. His formal music studies began under the guidance of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutivsky, Dra. Tamara Sklioutovskaia, M.M Ludmila Melzer, and Dr. Luis Monge. After completion his undergraduate studies at the National University of Costa Rica, Lanzo moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he obtained his master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University under the guidance of the renowned pianist and professor, Enrique Graf. 

Lanzo is a devoted pedagogue who brings all of his extensive musical experience and knowledge to his students. His students have been the recipients of many awards and honors at major events, including the Southern California Junior Bach Festival, SYMF, AFAF, OCKCC, local MTAC branch competitions, and college audition scholarships. His recent music projects include the annual Costa Rica Piano Festival, which was launched with the aim to provide international musicians with the best learning opportunities through lessons with renowned faculty, performance experiences, and valuable seminars, while enhancing Costa Rica’s growing music culture. Lanzo is the founder and director of the this festival, which is the first of its kind in Central America. 

Teaching philosophy 
Learning and performing music is one of the best outlets of expression and creativity we have in life. Therefore, music is an essential part of education and human development. My goal is to guide students to reach their full potential through discipline, hard work and enjoy making beautiful music every step of the way, so they become great musicians and even better people. My teacher always used to say: “A good musician will impact his audience, and a kind one will impact the world”

Fun Fact
I am an adrenaline junkie. Bungee jumping, snowboarding, skydiving and even performing on stage, it’s all considered a huge thrill for me and I love every minute of it. I also enjoy traveling and exploring different types of food. 

Personal motto
Doing your best will always lead you to success.   
Challenge yourself everyday.  Often, the last person to know what you’re capable of is yourself.   Commit to your art and it will transform your life.

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