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Bettina Jiang
M.M., Shanghai Conservatory of Music
M.M., Arizona State University

Bettina Jiang is the  recipient of 2nd prize of the 1st National Symposium of Musical Analytics, and holds active membership of Music Teacher Association of California, International Alliance for Women in Music, and the Society of Composers, Inc. With over 10 years of teaching experience under her belt, Jiang contributes her expertise in the area of piano, composition, and music theory at Opus119. She is currently a chair of Junior Ensemble Festival of MTAC Irvine branch.

Ms. Bettina believes that every student is unique. Focusing on individuality and bringing out each student’s maximum ability along with personality has been her main teaching goal. She values accurately administering particular methods for each and difference students. She strives for building a healthy student-teacher relationship in which the motivation can be nurtured to bring out the passion for all areas of learning. 

Returned from maternity leave recently, Ms. Bettina enjoys chasing after two young boys at home when not teaching at Opus119; she replenishes the lost calories and keeps up her sugar level by consuming green tea frappucino. Also, Ms. Bettina plays harp as a hobby!

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