Music is made here!
Jump-start your child's musical experience through our exciting Discovery Program designed to introduce the most important elements of the building blocks to them!

  • Provides an introduction to identifying notes, rhythm and music fundamentals
  • Emphasizes the enjoyable aspects of learning
  • Implements entraining curriculum suitable for young children between the age of 3-6
  • Provides weekly private or group classes

Toddler Tunes
exposes both toddlers and their parents to a thrilling first experience into music. Appropriate for children between 18 months to 3 years of age. This weekly 45-minute group lesson enables children to explore their creativity with rhythms, games, keyboard exploration and singing.

Music in Me
is an engaging weekly 45-minute preparatory program for 3-4 years olds, with a lively focus on ear training, solfeggi, singing, and expression. This program focuses on personal pitch, rhythm awareness, as well as musical creativity to enhance your child's musical experience.

Harmony Road
is a program designed for 4 1/2 to 6 year old children, encourages musical movement and creativity, with an emphasis on improving basic music fundamentals. This weekly 50-minute program targets ear training, solfeggi singing, keyboard skills and allows students to participate in engaging ensemble and rhythm work.