Student of the Month!

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Jonathan Pham Jonathan Pham, 11 year-old boy and 6th grader, is currently attending Eastshore Elementary School. He started to learn to play piano when he was 5 and he has been under guidance from Ms. Nova at Opus119 ever since. Jonathan also plays flute at his school. He has quite a few hobbies for his spare time, from reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing piano to building lego sets, swimming, practicing taekwondo, biking around the neighborhood and playing games. Jonathan also loves different foods, from Italian's pizza and pasta to Japanese's sushi and ramen to Vietnamese's pho and rice cake to Thai's fried rice. Playing piano is definitely helping Jonathan to have more confidence and patience in doing things in daily life.

Lauren SkinnerLauren Skinner enrolled in Opus 119 The School of Music 3 years ago, starting with “Music in Me” with Mrs. Christine and has flourished under the guidance of teacher Miss Charlene for over 2 years. Lauren possesses a true passion for music, and loves composing her own songs on the piano. She plays the piano every single day, sometimes several times (without being asked to do so). Her parents wake up to hearing beautiful medleys on the piano, some of which are assigned pieces from Opus 119 and some of which she has composed. Because of Opus 119 and their fabulous instructors, Lauren has acquired many qualities to help her succeed such as grit/ strong work ethic, patience, responsibility and a keen attention to detail. These qualities have translated into the classroom as well— she is 2 grade levels ahead in mathematics and reading. Additionally, she is a good friend and always kind to others. We couldn’t be more proud of her!

Anika Bhat A budding pianist with a beautiful mind is what describes Anika Bhat . Born on September 19 th , 2007, she is as much a bundle of joy as she was then. At an early age she was introduced to music, and took to the piano. Over the years, she has demonstrated that she has the skills necessary to achieve the proficiency required to be a good pianist. Anika has been a fairly independent and precocious child, and highly observant. One of her favorite Saturday afternoon hobbies is to bake. She looks up recipes and tries them out herself with a twist of her own. She also enjoys making handicrafts and has learned quite a bit on her own. She is also training in Indian Classical dance. On the whole we are blessed to have such a wonderful child!