Student of the Month!


Connor Hwang   started to learn to play the violin at age 9 and attends 4th grade at Canyon View Elementary School. Although he started late, he is driven and motivated to play the violin. Even when the music and theory get harder, he doesn’t get discouraged and strives to do his best. He successfully finished his very first CM this year, and he hopes to play in an orchestra someday. Connor really enjoys having his lessons with Teacher Takagi at Opus119  the school of music ; she teaches him well and encourages him a lot when music and technique become harder, bringing out the best in him.  Connor enjoys playing team tennis at Tustin Hills Racquet Club, reading Harry Potter and The Heroes of Olympus Series, building Star Wars lego sets, and watching Star Wars movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and old cartoons like Tom and Jerry. He loves to travel to Taiwan and Orlando and going to Disneyland and Legoland. His favorite foods are hot pot, pepperoni pizza, and beef soup noodles.


Jihu Lee   is a thirteen-year-old currently attending Pioneer Middle School. She expands her artistic horizon by doing what she loves-- reading, singing, listening to music, and watching musicals. She started playing piano when she was four-year-old and hasn't stopped since then. Since her move from Temecula 3 years ago, she has been studying at Opus119  the school of music  under guidance of Teacher Lanzo. She loves playing piano and appreciates his continuous encouragements challenging her to be the very best she can be. She has been working hard and proving that hard work pays off; her accomplishments include placing in MTAC festivals (Baroque, Classical, and Romantic!) and Bach Festival.  Her most recent project is a Mozart Concerto. While it is a challenge, she finds it fun to tackle and conquer the repertoire. Her future goal is that she continues playing piano and keep it with her as she gets older. 


Cloris Shi is an 11-year old in 5th grade attending Santiago Hills Elementary School. She has been taking lessons at Opus119  the school of music   since she was 5 years old with piano with Dr. Wei. Recently, Cloris has added violin as a second instrument, which she is studying with Dr. Yo. She also plays violin in her school orchestra. Cloris has achieved MTAC CM Level 6 in piano this year with excellent ratings and a 96% in theory! In addition to her music classes, Cloris tackles loads of activities every week, including swimming, art class, Chinese class, debate team, etc. and she enjoys all of them! Here is what Cloris would like to share about her lessons: “In all of my classes, my teachers are both patient and understanding with me, and invent creative exercises to help me cope with some of my struggles. Not only does my music lessons improve me academically in memorization, hand coordination and other areas, it also helps improve my perseverance to conquer and learn from obstacles throughout my life.”