Opus119 College-Conservatory of Music (OCCM)

(Commencing September, 2019)

Opus119 College Conservatory of Music's commitment is to value the highest artistic creativity in music education and to prepare our students for challenges of the 21st century music career. In today’s world, becoming a successful musician requires skills beyond conventional musical study. In the music industry where a value of one’s achievement is subjective, a successful career is often attained through ceaseless discipline and humility in one’s artistry.  At OCCM, students are expected to develop networking and communication skills  as well as musicianship at the highest quality. We believe peer and teacher-student relationships to be the core infrastructure in music career making. Our mission as a music institution is two-fold: Through the education students receives at our institution, OCCM aims to become a positive influence in the greater community of music education as well as in the community we reside, to instill higher appreciation of performance aspect of classical music. At the same time, we strives to prepare students not only to become better musicians, but also to have them realize infinite possibilities in their future career through vast varieties of artistry they witness in the course of study with numerous successful  professionals at our school.