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Opus119 Conservatory of Music

Opus119 reserves the right to change, revise, or terminate the policies and procedures in response to the unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, all changes, revisions, and/or termination will be notified to all students and their parents immediately and effective upon the release of the notice.

Receipt of Consent

Parents and guardians of student enrolled at Opus119 must consent to all parts of this policy and changes, revisions, and termination of it hereafter in order to complete the registration procedure. By signing registration form at the time of enrollment as well as updating online billing information through Opus119 website, parents and guardians responsible for the billing account give full consent to our school policy and payment.


Opus119 faculty reserves a special time each week for your lesson. Students must make every effort to be on time for all classes and lessons. All classes and lessons will end at the scheduled time so that they will not interfere with subsequent classes and lessons. Students are expected to bring all books, materials, and instruments necessary for the lessons.


All faculties at Opus119 are highly qualified, trained professionals. Any present or former student of Opus119 soliciting or seeking private instruction from Opus119 faculties outside of Opus119 facilities is strictly prohibited.


Academic Year Lessons
Enrollment is based on the Opus119 academic calendar, from the beginning of September through the end of May. Annual tuition includes one private instruction per week starting from September through the end of May, less the days/weeks of recess notated on the Opus119 calendar, and is due at the time of registration. Monthly or term payment plans are available. Term installment payment plan tuition is due on September 1, December 1, and March 1. Monthly payment plan tuition is due on the 1st of each month during the academic calendar. Students enrolling after the commencement of the academic year will have their tuition prorated based on the time of enrollment on Opus119 calendar. Acceptable forms of payments include cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard, excluding foreign issued credit cards. Automatic transaction is available upon request. A $25 late fee will be automatically applied on the 5th of the month for monthly or term installment plan payments if the payment is not received or updated by the end of the 4th day. Due to the high demand, students with late payments will risk losing their lesson time slots to those on the waiting list. Submittal of payment or the update of payment information must be completed before the 10th of the month to avoid the loss of lesson time slot. In order to register, students must sign the completed registration forms and submit the $50 annual family registration fee to secure a time slot. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The registration fee is refundable ONLY when a student is put on a waiting list for more than 3 months from the registered date, and no schedule is offered based on the availability given at the time of registration. The refund does not apply when you decline the lesson schedule the administration office provided based on your availability listed on the registration form. Registration fee must be paid in full prior to the scheduling process.

Exceptional circumstance arising from medical or family emergency must be conferred with the administration office. An absence of 3-5 weeks will be noted as cancellations and eligible for make-up lessons, however, the original lesson schedule will be forfeited. Parents must contact the administration office to arrange the new lesson schedule through the following preferred method of contact if administration staff is not available via phone call: e-mail (to the address provided at the time of registration), cancellation request form available on the Opus119 website, and/or voicemail. Student requesting suspension of lessons will be charged for the following month after the notice has been received, and the account will be suspended from the subsequent month. Any cancellations equal to or greater than 6 weeks will result in the suspension of the account effective as of the following month of the 6th week. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the administration office when the student is ready to return. Schedule will be based on updated availability. If no notice is received after 60 days from the the 1st cancellation, the account will be terminated with the early termination fee and all other applicable fees if any. Billing account will not be suspended immediately for the suspension notice; for those who wish to suspend the account immediately must follow the procedure of early termination. See Withdrawal section for details.

Summer Lessons
Opus119 Summer semester consists of 12 weeks of lessons, with tuition available in bundles of 4, 6, and 10 lessons to be customized to tailor each student’s availability. Additional extra lessons may be added to the bundle to accommodate the desired number of lessons. Student enrolled during the academic year prior to the summer semester must notify the intent for summer enrollment by May 15. Unless notified by the date, the student’s billing account will be automatically billed for a bundle of 4 lessons with the schedule from academic year standing on the date/time as is for the month of June. All prior schedule will reset on July 1. Student whose schedule will be on recurring date and time will have the priority in scheduling. The term ‘recurring lessons’ denotes lessons that are scheduled on same day and same time every week that are continuous throughout the duration of bundles chosen. Bi-weekly lesson on same day and time does not qualify as recurring. Student who wishes to schedule lessons on non-recurring schedule may do so two weeks prior to the desired date. Cancellation of lessons will follow the same procedure as the academic year policy. All cancellation must be received by 7PM prior to the date of cancelled lesson in order for it to be eligible for makeup lesson. All incomplete summer lessons will expire on October 1. Student with eligible makeup lessons carried over from the preceding academic year has the month of June only to complete the lessons as the eligibility expires July 1 and are unable to be scheduled at the student’s current lesson schedule; scheduling of carried over makeup lessons must follow the same scheduling procedure as the lessons purchased in bundles. Any incomplete eligible makeup lessons will be forfeited after July 1. Student who enrolls starting the summer semester must go through the same registration procedure as the academic year with the annual registration fee of $50. The fee will not be applied for the following fall semester. Regardless of the situation, the summer lesson bundles are non-refundable and will expire on the date noted above.

Advanced notification of a student’s absence is requested as a courtesy, but does not exempt the student from payment as contracted. It is the responsibility of the student or parent to notify Opus119 office (not the teacher) for any absence before 7pm prior to the scheduled lesson date in order to qualify the absence for makeup lesson. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the lesson and will not be eligible for makeup lesson. Cancellation request can be received through email, online cancellation form, or voicemail. To verify your request to cancel the lesson, you will receive a confirmation email. If a student calls in sick on the lesson day, a courtesy note (doctor’s note, teacher’s note, or pharmaceutical receipt) with the absent day noted is required for a makeup. Makeup lessons are arranged only through the administration office and can be scheduled with any same tier faculty. It is the parent’s responsibility to initiate the scheduling of makeup lessons. Makeup lesson schedules are solely based on teachers’ availability, thus may not be scheduled on the student’s most desired date, time, or in some cases, with the primary teacher. All academic year makeup lessons must be completed by July 1, and all summer makeup lessons must be completed by October 1, during the operational hours and date. Opus119 calendar is available through the website. No refunds or makeups are given for any missed makeup lessons. In the event that a teacher is absent, Opus119 will provide a highly qualified and experienced substitute who will ensure the proper continuity of the student’s lesson. If a substitute teacher is not available, we will make every effort to contact students to arrange a makeup lesson. Opus119 reserves the right to cancel classes, lessons and events arising from unforeseen circumstances and insufficient enrollment.

Group Class
Full tuition is due at the time of registration. There will be no makeup class or the refund for absence or early withdrawal. The tuition paid is non-transferable to differing group class or private instructions. However, the student may attend a similar class when it is available. This may be arranged with the office and there is no guarantee of a space in the class. Opus119 reserves the right to withdraw or discontinue any class for which enrollment is insufficient to organize or continue. Enrolled student must be accompanied by a parent or an adult with consent to supervise by the student’s parent. In order to maintain an orderly and effective classroom atmosphere, no additional family members are allowed in the class sessions. Guests may be invited by permission of the teacher or administrator only.

Enrollment is for one calendar year. An early termination fee of $200 for each student per instrument will be charged if students discontinue prior to the end of the school year. Exit interview form must be signed and submitted to the office prior to terminating lessons and suspending further automatic charges. Opus119 is entitled to charge any remaining balance based on Opus119 academic calendar proration based on the last lesson date. Any remaining balance on withdrawing student's account, such as books and evaluation fee, will be charged to a credit card on file if not paid in full at the time of withdrawal. Any outstanding balance unable to resolve through the procedure may be sent to collections agency. Withdrawals will not be accepted over the phone. Teachers do not process withdrawal requests. Please notify the administration office immediately if you plan to discontinue.

Books and miscellaneous fees
All cost incurred from purchases of books and from other miscellaneous fees assessed will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.


Photo/Video/Audio Release
The school is hereby granted permission to take photographs, audio recording, and video recording of students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials the school creates. Permission is also hereby granted for the school to copyright such photographs in its name. Recordings during lessons are not permitted to be put on public media sites or to be shared among peers but for student practicing purposes only.

Facilities and Studio Use
Students and parents are responsible for (1) respecting the teaching and performance premises (2) returning each classroom and venue to the condition in which they were found. Students found to be defacing Opus119 property in any manner will be assessed a minimum fine of $250.00. Opus 119 is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to personal property. Students and parents are advised not to leave items unattended, including musical instruments, books, music and supplies.

Safety and Supervision
Parents and their legal representatives agree that they are fully responsible for the supervision, safety and action of their children, and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Opus119 and its parties harmless from and against any and all damages that may be incurred or sustained by Opus119 arising from or related to any injuries to the student, or the students’ acts or omissions (except damages caused solely by the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of Opus119).
Young children not receiving instruction must remain under the supervision of their caregiver at all times while at Opus119. Under no circumstances will school be used as playrooms for unattended children. Students are required to wait in the waiting lounge for a ride home from lesson. Student must be picked up within the business hours of the institution. Supervision required after operational hours by Opus119 staff and/or faculty denotes extended hours on such personnel. Multiple infraction may result in the dismissal from the program.

The policies and regulations of Opus119 have been established to ensure consistency of study. Opus119 reserves the right to dismiss any student for the following reasons: